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Aliens Colonial Marines Collector’s Edition Debuted

Aliens Colonial Marines Collector’s Edition Debuted

The collector’s edition of upcoming horror shooter, Aliens Colonial Marines, has been unveiled, showing off not only some impressive box art, but extra in-game content and even a resin figurine.

The figure isn’t a little marine either, but a cargo loader from the Aliens movie, piloted by a grizzled soldier. In game you’ll also get:

  • Four new playable characters from the movie, including Private Hudson, Corporate Hicks, Private Drake, and god damn Seargeant “Ernie Hudson” Apone.
  • Ripley’s flamethrower, a phase plasma rifle, sonic electronic ball breakers.
  • Exclusive multiplayer USCM Academy firing range level.
  • Real world USCM Dossier, mission brief, schematic of the USS Sephora, recruitment card, LV-426 recon photo, USCM iron-on badges and a USCM graduation certificate.
  • All contained in a limited edition Xeno hive box, styled after the alien nests.

This entire package will cost around £65 in the UK and is set to be released at the same time as the main game, on 12th February 2013, launching on Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Nintendo’s Wii U.

According to the developer Gearbox, the Wii U is the definitive version when it comes to the aliens title, suggesting the use of a second player sporting the motion tracker from the movie provides extra levels of depth and horror to an already nerve racking experience.

Source: Eurogamer

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