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7,000 Wii Us Stolen, Thieves Still at Large

7,000 Wii Us Stolen, Thieves Still at Large

If you’re wondering why mummy and daddy didn’t get you a Wii U for Christmas, it could be because over 7,000 of them were stolen in a lorry heist said to be worth in the region of $2.3 million (£1.41 million).

Apparently the theft occurred sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning, when a team of men entered the Air Cargo warehouse in two semi trucks, before using forklift trucks to fill them with pallets of Wii U consoles.

“I’ve been a cop for 28 years, and I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Sgt. Cindy West to ABC News. “This has come straight out of the movies.”

Wii U

The cops think that when these start selling, it'll blow the criminals' cover

It’s thought at this time that there was a roughly 50 percent split in the stolen consoles, where half were the basic £240 version, while the others were the £300 premium pack.

Local authorities are said to be looking for the vehicles involved, though they suspect that the trucks used for the original heist have now been abandoned. However those wanting to keep an eye out should apparently be looking for a vehicle with “MicKinney” on the side. The local sheriff also said: “we still want people to call if they see anybody advertising for any great deals for Wii U’s on Ebay or privately, especially if there’s a large quantity of them.”

Apparently there is some sort of anti-theft measure within the consoles, but no one was willing to elaborate lest it help the criminals remove it.


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