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Gigabyte announce new line of gaming laptops with Nvidia 800M series GPUs

Gigabyte announce new line of gaming laptops with Nvidia 800M series GPUs

Nvidia announced the new GTX 800M series of laptop graphics cards this week, which should offer better gaming battery life and between 15 to 60% better performance than equivalent 700M models. Gigabyte have announced five new laptops using these new GPUs, including some redesigns of existing models that we’ve reviewed here on XSR and one entirely new model. Let’s take a look at what was announced.

New Gigabyte laptops, summarised

  • P34G and P35W v2 provides good performance in a thin chassis at 14″ or 15″ (like P35K)
  • P25X has the most powerful mobile GPU, with a thicker chassis and 15″ display (like P25K)
  • P27G has good performance and a larger 17″ display (like P27K)
  • P15F is a new budget gaming laptop that still offers good performance

Gigabyte P35W v2 Slim Gaming Laptop – available late March


The Gigabyte P35W v2 is slim at 21 millimetres thick, but it still has more than enough gaming performance to handle demanding titles and room for up to four drives. The design is a mixture of business style and gaming sensibilities, making for a laptop that looks good in any setting. The P35W will come with the 2nd best GPU, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 870M with up to 6 GB of VRAM. This allows for output via mini Display Port to 4K displays, and is reportedly 30% faster than the last generation. A new subwoofer could also provide a better aural experience.

Gigabyte P34G Slim Gaming Laptop – available late March


Next up is the P34G, a 14″ model that offers a similar balance of gaming prowess within a slim design. The P34G is the smallest of the new models, but still includes a Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M with 4GB of VRAM. Performance should be around 40% higher than the previous generation GPU, making it about equal to the GTX 870 that served well in the Gigabyte P25K.

Gigabyte P25X Gaming Laptop – available mid April

Gigabyte P25X

The P25X should be the most powerful of the new Gigabyte laptops, with the highest specification Nvidia GeForce GTX 880M. This is combined with a pair of RAID0 solid state drives and a core i7 processor for what should be impressive performance, 15% faster than the prior GTX 780M. Other extras like a Blu-ray rewritable optical drive and subwoofer should make this laptop a strong contender.

Gigabyte P27G 17″ Gaming Laptop – available mid April

Gigabyte P27G

The sole 17″ model in the lineup is the P27G. The increased display size makes for a more roomy chassis, into which Gigabyte have included three RAM slots (supporting up to 24 GB of RAM) and up to three solid state and hard drives. The graphics card on board is the GTX 860M, the same as the P34G we saw earlier. Again, performance should be about equivalent to last generation’s higher tier GTX 770M.

Gigabyte P15F v2 Budget Gaming Laptop – available mid April

Gigabyte P15FThe P15F is the only entirely new model to be announced, and takes Gigabyte’s gaming laptop line to new lower price points. The notebook includes a GTX 850M GPU, which should be equivalent to the GTX 765M mid-tier option from the last generation. The P15F includes a pair of drives – one solid state, one hard – for a good mixture of space and performance.


Gigabyte produced a solid line of gaming laptops last generation, and I’m excited to see if they’re able to maintain that quality into the next generation of notebooks. The new GTX 800M series from Nvidia look quite capable, and if we see the gains that Nvidia are claiming then you’ll see considerable performance improvements across the board. With a good range of laptops to choose from – including that all-important budget option – Gigabyte have set themselves up well here.

We will be receiving the new laptops for review, so stay tuned to see how these new laptops pan out!

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