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Youtube App Appears on the Wii

Youtube App Appears on the Wii

Despite the fact that the Wii U is set to replace the Wii as Nintendo’s current generation console in just two days, Google has revealed a Youtube app for the machine, letting users watch videos from the sharing site on their Wii.

It’s only in the US however, so don’t get too excited – as if you were already. The EU version of the app is apparently coming in several months. The currently available one is designed with the pointer interface in mind, letting users cycle trough videos, search and browse by certain categories of videos.

Wii Youtube App

The Wii Youtube in action: Looking quite like an Android tab platform

While this might seem quite late to the party, it’s pointed out by Eurogamer that the Xbox 360 has only had an app with these capabilities in the past year or so.

Why did it take console manufacturers so long to make this functionality available? Smartphones and media boxes have had Youtube applications for years.

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