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Those Bohemia Developers are still in Jail

Those Bohemia Developers are still in Jail

The two Bohemia developers that were scouting for upcoming military shooter ARMA III are still in jail, over two months after their initial arrest on the small Greek island on spying and espionage charges.

The most recent development in the ongoing incarceration of both Ivan Bucha and Martin Pezlar is the release of a hand written letter from the pair. It’s heart warming and trafic all in in one breath. It reads:

“Dear Friends,

We would like to thank you for the ongoing support of our case. After a tiring two months, it is important for us to hear ( well, read) words of encouragement and to learn that we are not forgotten.We are treated well, but we feel we should rather be with our families than here.

Your effort makes it easier to handle: We enjoy the postcards, community news, pictures and puzzles which are being regularly send by this website’s magnificent staff.

It seem sit will take some time before we could return home and there is certainly much to overcome.We do our best to stay optimistic and use this time well : we read we walk, we chat and discuss and martin even does some pt. we’ve already walked hundred of kilometers, read thousands of pages, but our thoughts are always with our families, friends and people who help us in any way.

We should also thank everyone who joined the petition! 14.000 signatures is truly amazing number, which makes us hope for the best regardless of the hardships.

With best regards, from windy Greece,

Ivan & Martin.”


All they wanted to do was make a cool shooter

The website mentioned in the letter is which has been collecting letters of support, images of protesters, and regular news updates on the condition of the pair. If you want to help out, the best place to look is on that site, on the “how to help” page.

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