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TeaMp0isoN encouraging Nigeria to rise up

TeaMp0isoN encouraging Nigeria to rise up

Hacktivist organisation TeaMp0isoN has now begun encouraging Nigerians to rise up against the current regime as part of what is being called #OpNigeria Rampage. 

As part of the operation, the TeaMp0isoN Twitter posted a pastebin link that included download URLs of governmental information and contact details. Most of the files in the first link include contact details of Nigerian governmental officials and company heads, including those people’s email address, job title, description and full name.

Quite a few of the files I looked at seemed to be empty apart from some title designations. Perhaps this was a bit of a rushed job by the organisation?

As part of the Pastebin post, TeaMp0isoN announced those involved with the hack including: “@_TeaMp0isoN ; @_f0rsaken ; @_MLT_ ; @phantom4life ; @C0RPS3_TP ; @aXiom_tp ; ap0calypse.” The hackers also gave “Shoutz to: Che_Hackera.”

The text accompanying the download links says: “Tonight we’ve got some databases from some influential sites in Nigeria. Contained within are admin passwords as well as tons of other information from these databases.”

It seems a shame that Fileserve was used for the download links, considering you need to have a premium account if you want to download more than one file every 10 minutes. I can’t imagine there are many Fileserve account holders in Nigeria.

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