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Someone is already queuing for the Wii U

Someone is already queuing for the Wii U

Despite the release of the Wii in his locale – Manhattan – not being until the 18th of November, a man calling himself Isaiah-Triforce Johnson, is already queuing for it. This despite the fact that we live in a world of online pre-orders that will ensure you receive your purchase on the day of release, without having to sleep on the streets, for four weeks in Isaiah’s case.

However he’s not really down there because he needs to be first online to buy a Wii so he can play it. Mr Johnson is there because he’s made a name for himself as the guy that buys Nintendo stuff first. Yea, quite an achievement right? Apparently he’s been there are the launch of every recent bit of Nintendo kit and he’s always first in-line.

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Johnson tweeted this image to let people know he was ready and waiting for his Wii U

Dressed up with a powerglove, as every self respecting fan does, the man that apparently owns and operators EmpireArcadia – a company dedicated to advancing gaming culture – he also holds a lot of retro gaming awards and wants to be the world’s first owner of a Wii U. Despite the fact that someone at a local outlet will let one or two our early or some store will open at “midnight” a few minutes before the official release.

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