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Skype to Replace Xbox Live Chat

Skype to Replace Xbox Live Chat

Having bought up Skype a few years ago, it’s about time Microsoft did something useful with it. One of those things is to replace the oft murky sounding Xbox Live Chat with the VOIP service. Here’s hoping it won’t be long before we’ll be talking while slaying Locust, with crystal clear communications.

CVG broke this news, suggesting that it will also bring in video chat for those with a Kinect camera. Another suggestion is that while you’re working away on your PC or gaming on your laptop, you could chat with someone on an Xbox. Perhaps this is an indication of Microsoft consolidating its platforms to allow for more cross platform play?

It would certainly be a way to help push Windows 8 and future Windows 9 if it allowed for gaming against console counterparts.


Microsoft has hinted about this move for a while – indeed its surprising that it hasn’t happened before – with job adverts for multi-platform VOIP software engineers and for those wanting to work on developing voice communications for the Xbox appearing a few times on the company’s website.


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