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Notch says Piracy is a minor thing

Notch says Piracy is a minor thing

Whether he was making a pun relating to his hit game Minecraft is anyone’s guess, but the creator of the sandbox, block building title and founder of Mojang studios has in an interview said that if even a trillion copies of a game were pirated, not a single sale would be lost.

In a chat with SpyParty developer  Chris Heckler at Games Developer Conferance (GDC), Markus “Notch” Persson said that people were looking at piracy completely the wrong way. While he did say that downloading software without paying for it was wrong, he described it as the same sort of wrong as calling his friend an idiot. Granted we have no idea of the sort of company he keeps, this could happen quite a lot, but either way, we can understand it as far from a big problem.

He did say however, that the stigma being given to internet piracy was being thwarted by some. While he didn’t elaborate on who exactly, he said that “Some people are using that to ruin the internet.” Presumably relating to some of the acts and bills that have recently received so much attention in the online media and throughout the world.

Notch finished up the talk by saying that if treated correctly, pirates could even be turned around. “If you have a model like Minecraft’s, you have lots of opportunities to convert pirates to paying customers,” he said.

The rest of the talk focused on Minecraft’s development and Notch’s own speedy career progression, from a humble programmer to a millionaire founder of a well respected studio.

Source: PCGamer


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