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Mutiny on the Lulzship

Mutiny on the Lulzship

Apparently the anonymous collective isn’t as shored up as many would have believed. With one of the leading members – wait, I thought there were no leaders? – set to roll over on the others, there’s been a mutiny and other anons have created something new, known as Destructivesec.

According to the Pastebin posting,””Captain”, TehWongZ aka CharrieWong” was arrested by the federal authorities and in an effort to avoid jailtime, agreed to snitch on other members of the organisation. With plenty of metaphor and over the top imagery, the posting says that they “have taken full control of our mighty warship, and completed the mutinous nature of marooning TehWongz from Destructive Security. No further involvement with TehWongz will occur, I doubt any of you will recognize our actions of being iniquitous but an action to be celebrated. ”

Apparently without the captain of the ship, the new organisation will be able to work at peak efficiency. How that wasn’t achieved before TehWongZ was arrested is still up in the air, but it’s good to see the Guy Fawkes masks staying positive in the face of adversity.

The new “warship” that they have got a hold of purportedly lets them crack local wifi security, which could make for some interesting hacks in the future.

Anonymous has made a few mission claims in recent months that haven’t born much fruit – or so it seems – leading some to suggest that the entire collective has begun to fracture.

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