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Mojang wants your pics for Minecraft calendar

Mojang wants your pics for Minecraft calendar

Mojang has announced its intention to create a Minecraft calendar for 2014, featuring only the best screenshot from the game that is now owned by over ten million individuals. Those selected will also get some bonuses, cash and otherwise.

Each page of the twelve month calendar will feature artwork that was not only snapped by a member of the Minecraft community, but created by them too. Got a crazy computer you’ve built within the game? How about that basketball game or some giant sized starship? Take a cool picture in-game and you too could have a screenshot in the Minecraft calendar.

As well as prestige, winners will also get:

  • A glow in the Dark Creeper Vinyl autographed by Notch and Jens
  • $500 Cash!
  • A $500 J!NX Gift Certificate

Not a bad haul for playing around with some digital lego blocks and hitting print screen.


The theme for the calendar will be “What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you in Minecraft?” So get creative and think funny.

The deadline for all submissions is 8th February. All other details on submissions can be found here.

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