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Google Fibre hits 700MBps in Kansas

Google Fibre hits 700MBps in Kansas

Internet users in Kansas that have signed up to Google’s new broadband offerings have been receiving record speeds this morning, as they’re reporting download and upload rates closing in on 700MBps.

What’s impressive about Google’s offering more than anything, is the price. It’s providing 1Gbps speeds to customers, at just $70 each. That’s massively reduced compared to the competition. To put it in perspective, I pay only a little bit less than that and I get 8Mbps. Now granted I’m out in the sticks of the UK to some extent, but jesus. 700Mbps for $70 a month?

Google Fibre

I'm totally not jealous, with my 8Mbps connection...

Unfortunately for wireless fans, they’ll need to make use of ethernet cables if they want to take full advantage of the highest speeds of 600-700Mbps, but Wi-Fi is still offering around 200 Mbps, which should be more than enough for most tasks. Arstechnica has it that this is more than most American’s have currently. It’s twice what the fastest UK broadband speed is!

One of the more interesting thing about the new speeds, is that it’s gathering people together. The man with these new speeds didn’t just happen to live in an area that could exploit the new internet, he moved there, up-heaving his wife and two daughters in the process. Now he lives with them and two other guys who don’t pay rent.

Fast internet is cool and all, but that doesn’t seem remotely worth it.


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