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EA Games in Semifinals for Worst US Company 2012

EA Games in Semifinals for Worst US Company 2012

In a vote that considered 32 of some of the most complained about businesses, Electronic Arts has made it to the semifinals, set to face off against  US phone giant AT&T. On the opposite side of the semifinal showdown, Walmart – having narrowly won its top 4 position by beating out Paypal – has to takedown Bank of America, a company that won silver last year, if it wishes to make it to the final.

EA is the longest lasting firm with any ties to tech to make it this far. The aforementioned Paypal did very well, but so did Facebook, losing out to AT&T. That phone firm must have pissed a lot of people off, as it not only defeated the above, but Apple and Verizon too.

Netflix made an appearance in the early rounds, but was defeated by GameStop. The game seller in turn was dominated by Walmart – considering the disparity in customer numbers, that fight seemed likely to only go one way.

The surveyed results are being collected by The Consumerist. In discussing EA, it says: “Though it gets very little attention from the mainstream press, the video game publisher is notorious for buying then destroying smaller companies, gouging customers on game prices and then tacking on costly (and occasionally worthless) downloadable content and generally making the whole gaming experience more expensive and less entertaining.”

Yea, that sums it up quite well.


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