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Dress Like Etzio – Assassin’s Creed Clothing Launches

Dress Like Etzio – Assassin’s Creed Clothing Launches

While it isn’t exactly the off-white hooded cloak that the protagonists of the Assassin’s Creed games have worn for some time now, it’s designed to emulate it as much as possible while remaining fashionable it seems. Assassin’s Creed now has an official “apparel” line, with cardigans (something I never thought I’d hear associated with AC), hoodies, coats and more.

The prices, as you would expect, are pretty damn high. The cheapest items at the moment are £23 tee shirts, featuring game specific artwork, like symbols and special kills the Assassin’s have taken part in throughout the different games. If you have a little more to spend there’s some mid £30 hoodies featuring embossed game symbols – though a couple are completely devoid of any game reference, making it seem like they were added to bump up the catalogue a bit.

AC Clothing

How cold is it that the guy on the right needs two hoodies?

The featured items on the homepage are perhaps the best looking bits of kit in the range. There’s a couple of long sleeve coats/jackers, one of which is made of knitted wool and features Assassin’s clan logos throughout the design. It’s priced at £79. However if you’re feeling especially deep pocketed, you might want to go for the AC DNA Coat for £162, which is essentially just a toggled coat with an embroidered AC symbol on the back in a small form factor.

Most of it hardly seems worth it, not matter how cool they make it all look in the front page image.

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