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Anonymous hacked an FBI conference call

Anonymous hacked an FBI conference call

The hacktivist organisation Anonymous has pulled off perhaps it’s biggest coup as of yet, hacking an FBI conference call with Scotland yard and recording the entire thing.

Posted online earlier today, the hacked call makes references to several well known individuals within the organisation, including TehWongz, TFlow and Cola. The former of the two is considered by both the FBI and Scotland yard to be a “bit of an idiot” and a 15 year old “doing this for attention,” a “bit of a wannabe.” They later discuss how he was arrested at his school and that he’s published a sort of manifesto about becoming a hacker.

The name calling is nicely juxtaposed with the FBI admitting to failures in the past: “We are here to help. We cocked things up in the past, we know that,” but that “it’s not that much of a hardship.” Good job guys.

TFlow and Cola are said to be currently under investigation. Interestingly though Scotland Yard claimed to be holding off arresting them in order to allow the FBI to build more of a case against them. Whether this is to allow the individuals to commit more hacking crimes, or to simply gather more evidence of past crimes is unclear.

One very interesting part of the conversation was the topic of Ryan Cleary, a person associated with Anonymous in the past, who many believed was a plant. The fact the phone call suggested that “indecent images” found on his hard drive would be used to convict him suggests otherwise.

Since the posting of the video, the FBI has confirmed the attack, stating it would hunt down those responsible. On one of the Anonymous related twitter accounts, a comeback was posted: “The #FBI might be curious how we’re able to continuously read their internal comms for some time now. #OpInfiltration”

Along with the posting of the video, a Pastebin post was also made. This shows the email address of many individuals including those at the FBI, the metropolitan police and officers from other organisations around the world.

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