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Xbox One titles listed at E3

Xbox One titles listed at E3

Microsoft has spent the last hour or so not talking about TV (for a change) and instead, giving us some details of the games that will be released during the next-gen consoles launch.

Sunset Overdrive, is coming from Insomnia and looks like a mashup of Borderlands with an art style that’s straight out of Epic Games’ Fortnight. No gameplay footage there, but a fancy trailer – mostly CGI it seems.  The guys behind the Sword and Sworcery RPG have a new game coming to Xbox One at launch too, called Below. It features questions… and secrets.

Battlefield 4 is getting an exclusive map pack on the Xbox One, though it will be available on other platforms (PC and PS4).

Ryse, has now become Ryse: Son of Rome and looks like it took a lot of inspiration from Viking: Battle for Asgard. It’s a very pretty, action title, mixing up squad control and cinematic combat. There’s quick time events galore, so if you like that sort of thing, you’ll feel right at home.


We also got a CGI trailer for a game which showed a robed individual wandering through a desert. It isn’t long though, before a metal colossus appears and displays its rather impressive size. Watch out for the dog tags though – they’re MasterChief’s.

More games to come, keep your eyes peeled.

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