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Xbox 8 / 720 / Durango Devkit Was On Sale

Xbox 8 / 720 / Durango Devkit Was On Sale

A Devkit for Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox console went on sale over the weekend, with forum user DaE over at AssemblerGames being the one responsible for the posting. This saw him quickly banned from the forum, which was apparently his original intention.

Speaking with Eurogamer, DaE let loose a lot of details about the next-gen development kit, saying that it included Nvidia graphics hardware and an 8 core CPU. This has been called into question by quite a few analysts, since Microsoft did well working with IBM and ATI on its current-gen Xbox 360 hardware. However, DaE should know what he’s talking about, since the Dev-kit he posted images of as well as some details, has been confirmed as real by other developers in the know.

Durango Dev Kit

Matrix code?

Other suggestions from the seller, include the fact that the 720 will feature an x64 operating system, somewhere between 4GB and 6GB of memory and a few other miscellaneous details that have had their legitimacy called into question.

While there isn’t a massive ammount that can be taken away from this leak, what can be said, categorically, is that Microsoft is working on a next-gen system. While this seems like a pretty basic statement, Microsoft has yet to confirm this, despite all the evidence pointing in that direction.

Perhaps now that the cat’s out of the bag, the software giant will be more likely to begin disclosing details to the public. Unlikely, but a boy can dream right?

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