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What do you want in a New Mass Effect?

What do you want in a New Mass Effect?

Bioware is calling for your feedback, as it begins development of a new type of Mass Effect game. What did you like about the previous ones? What would you like to see improved; these are the questions being asked and Bioware wants you to answer them.

“We’re in early stages of designing a completely new Mass Effect game,” said head of the series’ development, Casey Hudson on his Twitter. “What would you want to see in it?”

Casey Hudson

Maybe what you want in the new game is more Casey?

Twitter responses have been flooding in, with some people wanting to see different parts of Mass Effect history. One user requested: “More about Garrus’s between game shenanigans, or a Krogan centric game.”

Another said: “I want to see the wars! Rachni, Krogan Rebellions, First Contact, Skyllian Blitz…”

Some were a little more vague with their requests however, wanting something more aesthetic: “more Mass Effect 1-2, less Mass Effect 3. Stick to what made the series great, color, 80’s Sci-fi, weird missions.”

Others asked for the future, requesting a sequel to Mass Effect, perhaps a long time after the events in ME3, showing humanity’s continued integration into the galactic community.

First contact sounds like it could be the most fun. Maybe it could play out a little like a prequel to Ender’s Game?

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