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What did I just play?

What did I just play?

Frog Fractions from Twin Beard Studios, is one of the most bizarre games I’ve played in a long time. It features a frog, fractions, decimals, dragons, a warp drive and more. There’s an upgrade system to enjoy, flies attacking your poor fruit and of course Lieutenant Hopp.

It might start off reasonably standard, with a frog sucking up bugs with his extending tongue, floating on a lillipad and upgrading to a turtle after a while so that you can collect more fruit. However each upgrade you get begins to take you further into the weird world of Frog Fractions and beyond. It gets very strange very fast once you grab the warp drive.

Frog Fractions

It's an odd one this one

It might not be up everyone’s street, as the gameplay is hardly fantastic, but you’ll increasingly find yourself jumping between genres, travelling beyond the constrains of the world you find yourself in and more.

Give it a go if you’re in the mood for something truly surprising.

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