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War of the Overlord Needs £4000 More For Richard Ridings

War of the Overlord Needs £4000 More For Richard Ridings

Dungeon Keeper inspired War of the Overlord may have have reached its funding goal of £150,000, but it fell short of one stretch goal that needs to be reached: hiring on Richard Ridings to do the voice over work of the overlord’s helper.

That’s the Richard Ridings, the man behind the voice of the Dungeon Keeper’s advisor. “It is PAYDAY,” should be echoing around in the skulls of anyone that ever played DK 1 or 2 at this point, and so should your wallet. While the Dungeon Keeper games had fantastic gameplay and settings, it was perfected by the inclusion of such iconic voice over work and it should be present in the re-imagining of the game.

If you want to make sure Mr Ridings still has it in him, just check out the trailer for the game from its Kickstarter. He lent his voice work to that for free:

He’s still got it.

Considering they’ve raised over £200,000 at this point, it would be embarassing if it didn’t make it another £4,000. If Star Citizen can do over seven million, this lot should be able to crest this little rise.

Go on, help them out via Paypal through the official site.

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