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Vote for Double Fine’s Next Game

Vote for Double Fine’s Next Game

Head at Double Fine, Tim Schafer has released a new video detailing something that until now has been very secretive: the development process for Double Fine’s last few games.

Known as Amnesia Fortnite, it marks a two week period every year, where Double Fine staff drop tools on whatever they’re working and split up into small teams. Those groups then have two weeks to come up with a game concept and prototype. The idea is to foster new game leads, as well as developing new ideas. This is the process from which Iron Brigade, Stacking and Costume quest all came from.

This year however, the community is getting involved. Instead of handling the choice of prototype internally, Tim is now offering you the chance to contribute. Over at the Double Fine Humble Bundle page, you’ll fine short pitches from each Double Fine employee for their game concepts. If you like it, give them your vote. The four with the highest vote numbers in the next (just under) six days, will be made into prototypes.

Tim Shafer

Any 8 minute video featuring Tim Shafer is a good one

From there presumably one will be picked to become Double Fine’s next big thing.

There’s plenty to choose from, with a variety of genres. Some sound like very fleshed out indi offerings, while some sound more like smart phone compatible flash games.

So, which one interests you guys the most?

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