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Valve Letting Schools Use Portal 2 For Free

Valve Letting Schools Use Portal 2 For Free

Valve has announced that schools wishing to make use of its Portal 2 game can do so for free. The Steam owner and game developer believes that the physics based title can offer some unique learning tools for children in the classroom.

As part of the Steam for Schools initiative, Valve will offer games with educational value for free usage, once the school has signed up for the beta scheme. As part of the Portal 2 release, children will be able to make use of the cooperative gameplay and the level maker, though they will only be able to share creations within a LAN environment.

Announced during the Games for Change conferance, Valve also launched LearnWithPortals, a site that helps explain the educational value of the gameplay found in Portal 2. The site also features lesson plans created by teachers around the game’s content, allowing those with less experience of video games to still make use of the title and its benefits. According to the blurb on the front page, it can teach critical thinking as well as problem solving.

With the recent scrapping of redundant and outdated IT lessons in the UK, perhaps some enterprising schools will get on this bandwagon and make use of this initiative – it would certainly be more interested than learning more about Microsoft Access.


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