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Valve heading to German court over digital game resale

Valve heading to German court over digital game resale

Valve has staunchly denied users of its Steam platform the right to resell digital games that they bought through the distribution service, despite an EU court ruling that all consumers and businesses had the right to resell their digital license for a product as long as they didn’t retain access to it after the fact. Now though, a German right’s group is taking Valve to court for its non-compliance.

The group in question, is called Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband (VZBV) and it’s now resorting to this action after receiving little in the way of a response from Valve.


I know I have a load of games I’d like to sell on

VZBV released a statement via representative Eva Hoffschulte, who said that while they did not have a court date set as of yet, it was hoped that Valve would be in court by the end of the year.

She also voiced her confidence that the rights group would win too. “Until then, it is not realistic that Valve will change their policy. But our chance to win the process is very good and that will really be an improvement for consumers: then they can sell their games to others.”



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