Valve Fixes Greenlight Spam: Charges $100 per submission, donates to charity

Valve has figured out a relatively simply method for cutting down on spam entries for its Greenlight voting platform, by charging submitters $100 each and then donating the proceeds to charity.

The original incantation of Greenlight was a noble venture, offering developers the chance to have their product listed on Steam’s website for consideration by gamers around the world. Those that received the most positive votes would be added to Steam’s digital distribution platform. Unfortunately, because anybody could submit a game, many faux ones appeared, including unplanned sequels to games that don’t exist and ones designed to exact a reaction – usually one of offence of shock.

Child's Play
They should so use Chucky for their logo

“Two things we’ve noticed so far,” said Valve on the Greenlight announcement blog. “First, there are a ton of legitimate submissions that people want to see. Second, there is unfortunately a significant amount of noise and clutter being submitted, either as a joke or by fans not fully understanding the purpose of Greenlight.”

The $100 fee should prevent that in future, with all money generated in this way going to the Child’s Play charity.

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