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Unreal Engine 4 is ready for next-gen

Unreal Engine 4 is ready for next-gen

Epic Games’ Mark Rein has confirmed that Unreal Engine 4.0 is ready for the next generation of hardware – though he didn’t confirm what that next-gen was exactly.

Presumably he’s talking about the PS4 and Xbox 720 Loop, perhaps AMD 7000 series GPUs as well as since those are out in the wild now. The last generation of Crytek’s engine was simultaneously supportive of both major console maker’s hardware, so it seems likely that Epic will have built in such a feature for its next generation engine – of course though that depends on the hardware used by both Sony and Microsoft.

Considering the first screenshots of Unreal Engine 3 began appearing back in 2oo4, it’s understandable that Rein also claimed at the DICE conferance that gamers would be “shocked when they see how much of a profound effect that the new engine is going to have.” The only real hint of how good it could be is the real time rendered Samaritan demo that showed some very advanced graphical affects. The kicker though, is that that demo only used a modified Unreal Engine 3.5, suggesting that 4 could be a huge jump from even that level of detail.

It’s thought that we’ll be getting our first look at the engine a little later this year. I for one, can’t wait. Here’s hoping for some big jumps in AI.

To whet your appetite, here’s the Samaritan demo:

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