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Trion Worlds lets go 40

Trion Worlds lets go 40

The developer of Rift, one of recent memory’s more interesting MMOs, has let go around 40 of its staff, representing a 30 per cent cut in its work force. This includes devs from all walks of production, including artists, programmers and designers.

In response to a Gamasutra enquiry, Trion Worlds confirmed the redundancies and said that it was: “in response to market conditions, product timelines and the natural evolution of our company.”


Rift see's MMO players working together to shut elemental gates that release horrors from beyond

With the fact that the latest Rift expansion launched last month, perhaps it’s simply that those working on the extra content are no longer needed. However that would suggest that perhaps Rift isn’t going to be receiving much more in the way of further expansions. If that’s the case, it would suggest that the game isn’t particularly successful monetarily.

Still, Trion continues to offer free content access to old subscribers about once every couple of months to try and draw them back. Also twelve month subscribers get free access to Storm Legion too, so it’s not like Trion isn’t pushing its content.

Still, sucks to see these guys out on their asses right before Christmas. Hope you got some good severance pay guys.


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