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Trial Run LoL’s Season 3 Item Shop Now

Trial Run LoL’s Season 3 Item Shop Now

While it’s far from an official release, one Redditor called Microtony, has created a model of the Season 3 item shop for League of Legends, letting everyone have a snoop around the interface and become accustomed with it before the new season begins.

Unfortunately it’s not quite finished as of yet, as the buy button doesn’t work – meaning you can’t do any custom item setups – but it does give players a good way to find their way around the interface, learning where their favourite weapons and tools are. Some have suggested that it would be nice to see a stat calculator built in – along with a functioning buy button – allowing users the chance to trial new setups and see what sort of statistical combinations they can make.

Lol Season 3

Any specific items you want to try out in Season 3?

Of course there are build calculators around already – like this one – but they don’t feature the same interface as the new shop.

With the launch of League of Legends Season 3 now just around the corner, who’s excited to get back into action?

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