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Torchlight 1 is now free on GoG

Torchlight 1 is now free on GoG

You’ve only got 48 hours to take advantage of this one folks, so get in there while you can: the hit RPG Torchlight 1 is now free to download from Good Old Games, to help kick off GoG’s NoDRM Summer Sale.

Of course all games on GoG are DRM free all the time, but this Summer sees over 500 of them listed at below normal pricing. For example, along with Torchlight’s free status for the next couple of days, you can also pick up the Alan Wake and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, for as little as $5. It’s usual price is well over $40. There’s also the “Definitive Dungeons and Dragons” experience, including games like Baldur’s Gate, Planescape Torment and a host of other titles, for a mere $21.


Other games in the sale include Theme Hospital, Freespace 2, SimCity 2000, Neverwinter nights and loads more.

Head over there now to see the full rundown of current and upcoming sales.


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