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THQ nosediving, 170+ to lose jobs

THQ nosediving, 170+ to lose jobs

THQ is continuing its slide into the murky depths, with a report coming in that at some point today over 170 employees at the publishing giant will lose their jobs.

THQ has been getting a lot of headlines in recent weeks for its restructuring and refocus. We learned a few days ago that those involved in the firm’s administration and publishing arms would be seeing layoffs though there was no word on the scale. This came shortly after THQ announced that it would no longer be developing child friendly titles, leading some to suggest that perhaps the company was pitching itself ready to go on sale.

Before this latest announcement came though, THQ had more bad news stating that if it didn’t get the stock price above $1 per share by the middle of 2012, it would be delisted from the Nasdaq stock exchange.

Eurogamer broke the story on the mass firings, with industry busy body Kevin Dent making the announcement on his Twitter.

“This is probably going to break in the morning, I have sat on it for a week or so. The culling at THQ was 170+ souls including Mark DeLoura,” read the Tweet. “A smart journalist would send THQ’s VP of Tech Mark DeLoura an email and see what the auto reply says,” he said later.

Mr Dent is the same man that announced earlier in January that THQ would be scrapping many of its titles, including the Warhammer 40,000 MMO Dark Millenium. However, THQ countered this saying that it was only children’s titles it would be ending the development of.

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