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THQ Auction Hints at Sega, Ubisoft and

THQ Auction Hints at Sega, Ubisoft and

According to rumours circulating about the current auction of THQ properties, we could be looking at Sega buying up Relic Games – the company behind the Dawn of War series of games – and Ubisoft picking up the upcoming South Park: Stick of Truth RPG.

One other suggestion is that Koch Media, the parent company behind the developer of Dead Island, could be set to buy up the Saints Row IP too.


Who will manage the release of the basically finished Stick of Truth?

All of this is speculation and hear-say at this point however, as the auction is closed off to all but those taking part. However NeoGaf rumours being what they are, there could be some truth to this. If would certainly be interesting to see Sega start branching out into the Warhammer franchise.

Other rumours about sales come from miscellaneous tweets from different people claiming to have an inside line on the proceedings, but whether they do or not remains to be seen.

The results of the auction are set to be read out around 5pm today, so we’ll be able to find out then what will become of THQ’s individual studios. It’s a somewhat sad day to finally see the long-standing THQ begin to crumble, but perhaps we’ll see the individual studios go to good homes.

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