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Thousands of Portal 2 Maps made in Days

Thousands of Portal 2 Maps made in Days

In just a couple of days since the release of Valve’s Portal 2 Level editor as part of the Perpetual Testing Initiative DLC, fans have made over 35,000 maps, this ever expanding collection already having been downloaded some 1.3 million times.

To celebrate this achievement, Valve has announced a weekend sale, bringing down the price of – of course – Portal 2 to just £5.09 for the next couple of days. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has also had a price cut, dropping to £23.44. Team Fortress 2’s Workshop items will also see their prices halved for the duration.

Portal 2 maps and test chambers can be downloaded and viewed in the Steam Workshop, where a rating system by fellow players will no doubt help you decide which to try first. The most popular at the moment are the series of 12 Angry Test maps, split into several parts. Each has a short story to accompany it, showing the extent some users have gone to, to perserve the single player experience of the original game.

Source: Eurogamer

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