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Tekken Tag Tournament proves its a serious fighter

Tekken Tag Tournament proves its a serious fighter

Pre-order the next Tekken game, Tekken Tag Tournament, and you’ll get over 100 swim suit outfits for the characters. That’s right, the big pre-order incentive is that A: you can dress up the characters differently, and B: you get to see a little more digital skin than you would have otherwise.

Still the developers couldn’t leave the men out, giving them swimsuit costumes too – oh and of course the bear. Why wouldn’t he have one?

Also, to make sure that the never – read: always – creepy Japanese market didn’t get all up in arms over the lack of legally questionable character ages, the head of Tekken development Katsuhiro Harada said on Twitter, that school girl outfits would be included as well. Apparently Namco expected Japanese players to request this so included them.


Ironically this announcement was made along with the following “girl power” half live action trailer, which features about 15 seconds of gameplay footage and a minute of cosplayers lounging around.

Yea I know. It’s Tekken.

Source:  Andriasang

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