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Summer of Xbox Live Arcade 2012 Begins in July

Summer of Xbox Live Arcade 2012 Begins in July

On 18th of July, Microsoft’s Summer of Xbox Live will begin, with the first title hitting the digital shelves to be Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD – it’ll cost 1200 Microsoft points. Following on from that first release, Microsoft will be debuting a new title every Wednesday from then on until mid August.

The second game to be available will be the Kinect compatible Wreckateer on 25th July. The cheapest of the bunch, it’ll only set you back 800 MS points, whereas all the others will required a little more. 1st August sees Deadlight land, followed by Hybrid on the 8th August and finally Dust: An Elysian Tail on 15th August.

As part of the XBLA promotion, Microsoft is also offering a free 400 Microsoft points to anyone that buys three of more of the games. While this will only offset a third of the cost of most, every bit helps I suppose. All games will be Xbox exclusives, apart from Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD, which will be made available on the Playstation 3 a few weeks after its Xbox debut.

Originally announced over on Major Nelson, many commenters have been discussing what XBLA titles they’re really interested in seeing made available. Some include Battleblock Theatre from Castle Crashers creators The Behemoth, while others lament the fact that dungeon crawling masterpiece Torchlight 2 isn’t already on sale. Others still look forward to Telltale’s episode 2 of The Walking Dead, a game they’ve waited nearly two months for at this point.

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