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Strange Half Life 3 RPG Rumours Appear

Strange Half Life 3 RPG Rumours Appear

Some new rumours surrounding the clandestine development of Half Life 3 have appeared on French gaming website JornalduGamer, suggesting that the game will not be a traditional linear shooter as Valve are best known for, but will feature an open world, quests and RPG developments.

Take this one with a massive serving of salt, as this would represent a complete about face for the game franchise, which ultimately came to define the First Person Shooter genre throughout the late 90s with the original and mid 2000s, with the sequels. However, rumours are rumours and it’s always fun to speculate, so here’s what’s been said.

Suggested for release sometime after 2013 – that’s about as vague as you can get – the game will apparently features NPCs that will dispatch the protagonist off with quests, with Valve apparently drawing a lot of inspiration from the last couple of Elder Scrolls games, Oblivion and Skyrim. The development of the game has apparently been very chaotic, with lots of work still to do, though so far Half Life 3 has transitioned from a shooter to a, puzzle and exploration game to more of an RPG.

How Gordon Freeman will level up is anyone’s guess, as he’s never needed more than a couple of new weapons to take on the latest threat in the unfolding storyline.

It seems very unlikely any of this is true, considering the fact that the concept art for the game seen earlier this year suggested the next Half Life, whether 3 or 2: Episode 3, would take place in a barren, snowy wasteland. Kind of hard to find NPCs to quest for in that climate.


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    These rumours couldn’t be more fake.