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Star Wars: The Old Republic hits 1.7 million

Star Wars: The Old Republic hits 1.7 million

The Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO has now reached a player base of 1.7 million and its numbers are steadily growing, making it one of the most successful subscription based games of its genre in the past few years.

For a long time World of Warcraft has dominated the MMO market and still continues to do so in the subscription sector, but free to play titles have opened up a whole new avenue for this type of gaming. On top of this WoW’s dominance is slipping a little, with a few million players fleeing Azeroth in the past year or so – this has bolstered the available subscriber market for any other company that wanted to step in. EA picked a great time to open up a new MMO.

Of course we’re still in the early days of the game at the moment since it was only released in December 2011, but the growing numbers of players is certainly promising for the fledling game – a large quantity of that 1.7 million has continued to play beyond the initial 30 days free period.

Later this month the Star Wars title will be opening itself up to the Asia-Pacific region, which will provide a huge new player base of potential for the title.

While the Star Trek Online MMO had just as much of a strong fluff background as SW:TOR does and didn’t do that great, the latter title is certainly bolstered by the many fans of the universe. There are plenty of games and books I enjoy simply because I like the universe that they are set in – even if the story of gameplay of the specific product isn’t that strong.

I’ll enjoy anything Starship Troopers related. Who else is looking forward to the 4th movie?

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