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Space Hulk screenshots surface

Space Hulk screenshots surface

Some new screenshots have appeared for the adaptation of Games Workshop’s tense, turn based, aliens vs armoured warriors board game that is set to appear on iOS, PC and Mac later this year – and they look gorgeous.

It features the Space Marine Terminators that have been a mainstay of other GW tabletop games for years. However one of their most famous outings is Space Hulk, where they have to make their way through a perilous space ship derelict, while fighting off xenomorph like aliens known as Genestealers.

The general consensus for your marines is keep the little bastards at arms reach, as once they get in close and personal, even your heavy armour isn’t going to keep you alive long.


This new digital version of the popular board game, is being put together by Full Control, who as PCGamesN points out, did the iOS turn based shooter, Tactical Soldier: Undead Rising for iOS.

From the two screenshots now released, we can imagine that there are two views here: the tactical and the cinematic. Presumably the former is the one seen most of the time and then based on your actions, a short cut scene will play each turn.

In terms of game modes, there will be PVE, PVP and cooperative options, as well as a shared central location for user created maps.




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