Sonic the Hedgehog gets the live action treatment

Sonic the Hedgehog has appeared in his first live action outing, with real actors, a real world to interact with and of course Dr Robotnik to go up against. It’s a fan made short excerpt of what a full length Sonic film could look like and it does a pretty good job of it.

Some of the CGI looks a little odd interacting with the world and the acting can get a little ropey at points, but overall it’s a great little film and shows the potential of Sonic not to just be confined to animation. Of course Sonic himself is computer generated, as no matter how good your prosthetic making skills are, you’re never going to make a human look like a ‘realistic’ interpretation of a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog.

Along with a slew of new fans, the makers of the film, “Sonic,” will likely be pleased to hear that Sonic creator Yuji Naka has given a digital thumbs up to the release, tweeting the video out to his followers and suggesting that it was “awesome,” which indeed it is for anyone that grew up playing the originals back in the early 90s.


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