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Skyrim Kinect lets you Fus Ro Dah

Skyrim Kinect lets you Fus Ro Dah

The Xbox 360 version of Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is set to have voice commands thanks to a patch from Bethesda landing later today. All in all, there’s over 200 different phrases you can shout at your TV, making you feel awesome, or perhaps a bit silly.

There’s only English (and dragon) language support at the moment, with others including French and Spanish being added later. In terms of when they’ll be released, Bethesda simply said “We’ll share those dates as soon we know them.”

For now however, players can not only use the voice commands to perform shouts from within the game, but control followers, access the inventory, trade, look at the map, open enchanting or cooking menus and more.

There’ve been a few reviews of the voice feature for Skyrim, with most finding it a bit gimmicky in some instances. However there are those that can really get into shouting at their Xbox. It’s also been said that certain clunky functions, like inventory access are vastly improved by a simple voice command. A similar feature in Mass Effect 3 that let you command your fellow freedom fighters by voice makes a lot more sense than its traditional pause and point, click.

What are your thoughts on voice commands? Is it something you want in a game or see as unecessary?

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