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SimCity going offline before 2.0 patch goes live

SimCity going offline before 2.0 patch goes live

EA is set to pull SimCity offline tonight, as part of the move to introduce the new 2.0 version patch that’s been brewing for some time. Unfortunately it won’t be instigating an offline mode during the downtime, so fans of the series will not be able to play the game during the upgrade. It’s expected to take around two hours in total.

The patch itself won’t be implementing an offline mode either, so after the patch has been applied and the servers are back up, there’s still no chance of playing offline. That is unless you have a cracked version, in which case you have a better, more free gaming experience than paying customers do.


Some of the game fixes include:

  • Region filter tweaks, so ones with spare cities appear at the top of the list
  • Tourist fluctuation should be more predictable now
  • Casinos and gambling have now been made more profitable
  • School buses should no longer get stuck at high schools
  • Student population will be tracked properly
  • Fire trucks don’t clump
  • Air pollution sources are more obvious
  • Transit vehicles stuck in a loop, will head back to the depot before attempting to pick up more passengers

For a full list of patch notes, check out the SimCity blog.

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