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Serious Sam HD: Second Encounter DLC Revealed

Serious Sam HD: Second Encounter DLC Revealed

Nearly two years after its release, Serious Sam Second Encounter is set to get a DLC release, adding some new campaign missions as well as multiplayer additions.

Known as Legend of the Beast, the new downloadable content sees Sam taking on the ram god known as The Great Obelisk. This will take place over three new campaign levels. In terms of multiplayer, gamers can experience three new survival maps and three new versus modes.

Lots of threes.

If you’re interested in picking up this DLC, it’ll cost just $4.99. This is a nice respectable prices for DLC, considering in essence it’s just a map pack. It would be quite easy to point a dirty finger at some developers for their DLC pricing.

The developer behind the series of Serious games, Croteam, has also announced that the HD remake of Serious Sam the First Encounter, will have its multiplayer component made free to play. This will allow players to jump in and begin blasting each other, or work together in survival mode to fight off the alien hordes. This will be available as of the 15th May.

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