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Riot games launching Russian League of Legends

Riot games launching Russian League of Legends

Hit maker of MOBA title League of Legends, Riot Games, is set to debut a new Russian language version of the game, further expanding the potential audience of the DOTA inspired strategy title.

“We’ve listened carefully to the rising volume of voices asking for League of Legends in Russia,” said Riot Games CEO Brandon Beck who expects to see a large influx of players upon the release of the new language version.

League of Legends faced stiff competition from similar styled multiplayer games when it was released back in October 2009. However, thanks to a free to play model and a continually updated character roster – that’s freely available to players on a rotating, weekly basis – it’s become one of the most dominant games played today, with over 11 million active users.

The Russian gaming market has often been considered a haven for pirates, making retail games for PC, Mac and console systems some of the least profitable ventures. However, free to play games have done incredibly well, with the rich and bored in Russia’s society often spending thousands of US dollars on micro-transactions.

Riot games offers League of Legends players the option to purchase “Riot Points” which can be redeemed for extra experience, runes that enhance a character and new visual skins. However, only the latter can’t be earned in-game, so it’s not game breaking.

Games Industry (requires free account signup) has a final quote from the Riot CEO: “We are looking forward to delivering fully localised service and support, and we are optimistic that the passionate community of Russian speaking PC gamers will embrace League of Legends.”


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