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Riot Games Introduces Honour System

Riot Games Introduces Honour System

Riot games is introducing a new system to help promote good natured play in League of Legends, a game that while perhaps more friendly than Heroes of Newerth of either of the DotA games, certainly still has its fair share of assholes.

The MOBA developer opened up a user managed tribunal in the past, offering IP to those that participated in passing judgement on their fellow players, but it didn’t go far enough. It’s tried the stick, now it’s trying the carrot.

Players will be able to apply honour to the accounts of fellow teammates and opponents, in one of several categories: Helpful, Friendly, Teamwork and Honoured Opponent. You won’t be able to dish them out willy nilly, as every player will only have a finite supply of points to give out – though they will replenish slowly over time. You will also get far more honour points if they are awarded to you by strangers rather than your friends.


Riot's Honour system. Will it help?

But what do you get for being an honourable player? Riot has revealed that as of yet. It will be have to be worthwhile to encourage someone that might have called someone a noob and rage quit, to hold their tongue and provide helpful advice instead.

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