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PS2 still selling strong

PS2 still selling strong

Sony’s Playstation 2 console is still selling extremely well, despite being over a decade old at this point – and with the release of the PS4 just around the corner.

The Japanese gaming giant released a press release detailing the success of the PS2 over the past year: “The PlayStation 2 platform continues its sales momentum and remains robust sales especially in emerging counties and regions such as Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and South America, and exceeded half million units worldwide.”

Since a PS2 can be picked up for relative peanuts these days, it’s no wonder it’s still doing well. This was one of the first consoles to make people actually look like people, dragons like dragons etc. If the sucess of cartoony, social networking games and mobile titles are anything to go by, it’s not always necessary to have the latest and best visuals in your game, sometimes you just need a rough representation and a bit of imagination.

On top of that, the games library for it is huge. According to the Wiki page for the console, to date there are 2,016 official titles available, though some of them are region specific.

Sony not only credits the PS2 as the most successful home console of all time, but also points the finger at emerging regions for the continued success of the Playstation 2. Countries new to gaming find it an affordable buy so it’s not surprising that its usage continues to grow.

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