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Project Godus Funded Successfully

Project Godus Funded Successfully

Peter Molyneux can breathe a sigh of relief, as his latest project, Godus, has been successfully funded, meaning that the game development will continue in-house at 22 Cans and won’t need to secure a deal with a publisher or investors.

Despite his pedigree of having worked on games like Black and White – and its sequel – Theme Hospital, Dungeon Keeper and the Fable series, Molyneux’s latest project didn’t look quite ready to get off the ground throughout its funding period. It wasn’t until the last 48 hours began ticking by that people really pulled their wallets out and began donating. At this point, with six hours left to go, Godus has beaten its target by just over $£50,000, with 16,600 backers.


Godus is said to blend the gameplay of several past Molyneux titles into one

Stretch goals were introduced as the threshold was breached, with three additional single player and multiplayer modes added at £460,000. When £475,000 hit, a new social feature was added to the game. James Leach was taken on to write the story when £485,000 was reached and Co-op was added to the game at the half a million mark. If pledgers can get it all the way to £550,000, 22 Cans is promising to add Linux support, as well as making a version that will run on little android console, the Ouya.

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