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Nintendo’s Wii U Strategy Revealed

Nintendo’s Wii U Strategy Revealed

Nintendo’s plans for its next generation Wii console have been revealed at this year’s E3, with the Japanese gaming firm announcing that it wanted the console to bring people together, not drive them apart. Satoru Iwata said that:

“New technology made life easier and more efficient but we have to wonder what this means for the nature of human relationships moving forward.”

The console will feature expanded social interactions through a “miiverse” that allows for the interaction of individual mii avatars from around the world. This is a slightly different focus to the one seen with the Wii, which was very closed off in order to protect children. Often making friends requires the sending of a “friend code.” However, it sounds like public spaces will be much more common on the next-gen Nintendo platform.

Iwata believes that this setup will create “a new degree of empathy between players.” Time will tell.

There will also be an interactive help feature that will see players able to share information on certain parts of games, specifically focused on beating the game or bypassing certain features with higher scores or better times. The idea behind this is to allow people to help each other through difficult parts of the game, or improve their gameplay through comments and videos.

Nintendo also teased DS interaction with apps, as well as “other Nintendo hardware” though no information on that so far. The much touted Wii U controller has been named as the Wii U Gamepad.

Source: MCVUK

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