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Nintendo Miiverse Could be Censored

Nintendo Miiverse Could be Censored

Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata has said that when it launches the Miiverse with its Wii U console, user comments will have to be pre-approved by  Nintendo staff before being posted. Not just ones flagged by the system or other users as problematic, but every single comment. The delay between posting and them actually appearing in the Miiverse is expected to be around half an hour.

That could make having a fluid conversation rather difficult.

Speaking with the LA Times, Iwata said that he understood “The attraction of a social network is the immediacy of the feedback,” but that Nintendo had to find a balance. The current Wii console employs a very child friendly system of communication, making it quite difficult to link up with other players. While the Wii U will improve on this, it will still employ a very censored and muted online experience.

Every post within the Miiverse will be first screened by an autonomous system, before being glanced over by a Nintendo employee. Presumably this will mean there are a lot of customer control jobs going at Nintendo in the next few months, as the sheer number of incoming comments could be massive if the new console proves to be popular.

Nintendo’s Miiverse is set to be an interaction platform on the Wii U which will see people’s avatar “Mii” characters meeting and talking with one another, though there will still be an emphasis on interactions between friends and family.

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