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Nintendo details Wii U Pricing, Release Date

Nintendo details Wii U Pricing, Release Date

Nintendo has announced the release date and pricing details for the Wii U console in Japan, with European and US details coming later today.

On the far-east island nation, the Wii U will be dropping on the 8th September, but will come in two differently priced flavours. The first, the basic option, will be the standard white Wii U and will be priced at 26,250 yen (£210), while the premium version will feature a black casing and cost around £50 more. The difference between the two is that the basic will come with only 8GB of internal flash memory, while the bigger and badder option will feature 32GB and a Nintendo Network Premium Subscription.

A Nintendo Premium Description essentially works as a loyalty reward scheme that gets you Wii eShop points and a 10 per cent pay back from any downloads you make on the platform. According to Eurogamer there’s no way you can join this unless you buy the premium console.

In the box you’ll get a GamePad, an power cable, a GamePad AC adaptor and a HDMI cable. Premium consoles also get a Wii U console stand, a gamepad charging dock and a gamepad stand.

Price details for extra controllers are 13,440 yen (£107) for a new tablet gamepad – quite expensive, but there isn’t a game yet that supports more than one. A standard “pro” controller will cost £40 or so.

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