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New Stomping Land update focuses on camp creation

New Stomping Land update focuses on camp creation

No, we’re not building sexually questionable gentlemen here, we’re talking about the building of your home base in The Stomping Land, the cooperative dinosaur hunting/survival sim, set in a distant, fictional past – featuring tribes and lots and lots of dinosaurs.

There’s a lot of building options in Stomping Land but you’ll need all of it to create a successful hunt according to the new video posted by the developers. The first step, is a firepit.

Beyond that, there’s the TP, your home base. Here you’ll respawn if you die and it’s where you’re store extra resources. We’re also told, customisation options will be plentiful.

Stomping Land is shaping up to be a very exciting title. It’s essentially the Peter Molyneux BC we heard about over a decade ago that never saw the light of day. You’ll; be able to hunt dinosaurs and try and stay alive, with your pals, in a hostile environment. This is action/adventure mixed with cooperative survival horror. If the developers can nail this game down, they’ll have quite the legacy to build off of. 



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