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New Call of Juarez: Gunslinger footage is very pretty

New Call of Juarez: Gunslinger footage is very pretty

Especially considering this is going to be a download only title.

Shown off in a new trailer, the game looks to return to the Old West, where Juarez had its best outings – far better than the modern re imagining that we saw last year with Cartel. The videos showcases not only new characters of legend from the time, like Billy the Kid and Jesse James, but duelling, the expected epic shootouts, huge, sprawling vistas and a lot of untamed vistas that really are very, very pretty.

Not much is known by way of the gameplay yet, but the protagonist looks to be named Silas Greeves and presumably with all the talk of gunslinging – and it being part of the title – we can expect a big element of the game to be moving up the ranks as the Wild West’s top gunman.

Duels were initially introduced in the first game, which saw players need to reach for their gun, bring it up and crack off a deadly shot before their AI opponent. There wasn’t that much finesse to it, but it was a lot easier with a mouse than a controller.

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