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New Age of Empires II Expansion Released

New Age of Empires II Expansion Released

No this isn’t a funny retro post hearkening back to the early 2000s, this is a brand new expansion for one of Microsoft’s most beloved games of all time: Age of Empires II.

This new expansion, Named Forgotten Empires,  brings with it a host of updates and features, including:

  • Support for extra resolutions added, up-to 1920×1440, whereas AOE2 only supported upto 1280×1024.
  • Five new Civilizations with their own wonders and unique units. Italians, Incas, Indians, Slavs and Magyars.
  • Italians and Slavs get new graphics for their building sets. I believe Indians, Magyars and Incas are based around existing building models.
  • A slew of balance changes. Mainly buffing underpowered civilizations and units.
  • Two (and probably more although not listed in the wiki) new campaigns, one based on Alaric I and one based on Francesco Sforza. I’ll assume there is one based on each new Civilization.
  • +50 population limit. I assume this means the absolute population limit will now be 250 (it was 200 in AoE2 and AoE2:TC?)
  • Fixed bug issues, particularly with running the game on Windows 7.
  • Many new units (such as Siege Towers, Imperial Camels, Slingers, Boyars, Elephant Archers etc)
  • Several new buildings such as Stables (for Americans), Fire Towers, Palisade Gates, Trade Workshops and Quimper Cathedrals.
  • A tonne of new technologies to research.

I know what I’ll be doing tonight.

I mean… I’ll be celebrating the new year with my girl. Obviously. Not playing Age of Empires. Definitely not.

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